Meet Candace

Mom, Entrepreneur, Vision Coach, Life Speaker and Cycle Breaker

I am a woman with a largely stained past, an excruciatingly painful story, but I am fortunate enough to personally know an even BIGGER GOD...and that is my angle. Like many of you, standing tall in my truth has not been the least bit easy, but through Christ's strength I can courageously stand completely unashamed of the places God chose to snatch me from, nor will I ever be apologetic for the inserts I was born to make in the Earth! I am me and I embrace every part...the good, the bad, the UGLY.

This is a space where I desire to push other humans like myself into discovering their full potential and embracing it! To live a Comma Life simply means to "KEEP GOING!!!!"  This is the motto I lived by until one day I looked up and was thriving by it too.  My hope is that you allow me the opportunity to insert myself into just a bit of your ongoing evolution towards this same thriving. I don’t care if it’s through a blog, a social media post, a book, a coaching or consulting session, a smile, or merchandise, the goal is simple.  I want you to know that whatever your “it” is, YOU CAN and YOU WILL - just KEEP MOVING! We're waiting on YOU!

Discover your potential, and then learn to embrace it!

-Candace Mumphrey

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